What Services Can FlightHelp Provide For You?FlightHelp associates are here to help you! We put our expertise in aviation passenger rights to work for you and you do not pay us anything until we win for you. We aim to win and want to get you the compensation you deserve.We understand that air passenger protection laws can be confusing and airlines can make it difficult for passengers to file a claim. That is why we exist. We are industry professionals and lawyers. We are here to help you!
Our ServicesWe are ready to fight for you in scenarios involving the following issues
Flight Delays
Flight Cancellations
Missed Connections
Accomodation refund due to delays
Denied boarding
Overbooked flight
Delayed luggage
Lost luggage
Damaged luggage
If you think you may be entitled to compensation you can quickly check your eligibility here. It takes less than 2 minutes and costs nothing. Once you discover your eligibility you will have the option to use our services to file your claim. This process is completely free of charge and you will only pay us if we win.For more information on the various laws put in place to protect you and your rights as an air passenger, check out our Know Your Rights page. If you have experienced any of these air travel inconveniences, take a few quick minutes to file your claim. This process is always free of charge to you. You only pay us if we win. FlightHelp is ready to help you!
Our ServicesWe are ready to fight for you in scenarios involving the following issues

Flight Delays, Cancellations and Missed Connections
Flight disruptions can prevent you from getting to your destination on time. We understand the stress and frustration these disruptions cause. Your flight may have been delayed or canceled. Or perhaps one thing led to another and you missed a connection. There are a number of laws in place to protect you.

Overbooked or Denied Boarding
While most common in the US, airlines tend to overbook flights all the time. There are multiple laws in place all around the world that recognize this and hold the airlines financially accountable for this mistake. If you were denied boarding due to an overbooked flight you could receive up to $1,350 depending on location, flight, and circumstance.

Delayed and Lost Luggage
Did you know that almost 5 billion bags per year are checked by airline passengers? It’s no wonder that, due to human error or technical difficulties, almost 2 million of those are mishandled. Luggage can easily get delayed, lost, or damaged during air travels. But that does not mean that you should suffer. Rest assured, these issues are recognized and laws have been put in place to ensure that your rights, and belongings, are protected.

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FlightHelp is part of FlightHelp Association. FHA is an organization that works to help people on a daily basis that have been affected by air flight delays and cancellations by enforcing their legal rights.
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